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5* ZM/RPG Server

A RPG + ZM (Zombie Mod) server owned by 5* in Denmark.


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This server has various nice Zombie mod(_zm) maps, 13 total at this moment.
If you want us to add a map, tell us on the forum (found HERE).
(you can also request Items, plugins/addons or anything else!)

Server IP:

You can find various self made addons on this server,

for more info click the name of the addon:

-Custom RPG


-Chat Ranks

Note: When making use of the "Donate" button (found left of this note) be sure to contact me, as i don't know who donates and what he/she donates for. Contact
--30 Days Admin (€5/40DKK)
SALE: 110 days admin for €15/120DKK!